If I already offer paid time off (as vacation or combined time), but not paid sick time, do I have to change my policy?


With the exception of fixed holidays, any paid time off policy, no matter what it's called, can meet the qualifications of this legislation as long as all of the following criteria are met:

  1. The employee may use the days in the ways permitted by the law to:

    •  call in sick;

    • care for a sick family member;

    • attend health care appointments; or

    • recover from domestic or sexual abuse.

    • For a detailed list of permitted uses of paid time, link here.

  2. The employee must be able to earn or otherwise access at least the number of hours required by law.  

If you have a policy that requires prior notice for absences, to come into compliance, you will need to adjust your policy to permit people to use paid time for unexpected illnesses.  You may still require prior notice for planned absences.

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