MSA-VT’s mission is to elevate the voices of small business owners on important public policy issues in Vermont. We are committed to bringing business owners to the table to engage in and develop policies that reflect the interconnected nature of small businesses and the communities they serve.



The Main Street Alliance embraces a vision for our economy that rewards investment in our communities, our customers and our employees. Good business requires more than a myopic focus on short-term profits. We recognize practices designed to extract wealth and strip resources from the communities that Main Street Alliance members call home ultimately serve the interests of a few at the expense of many.  

Our vision is inclusive. It acknowledges the mutual interests and values shared by business owners, workers, and customers. We embrace the dignity of work that contributes to the well being of our employees and our customers. We are united not only by economic transactions but also by our commitment to the communities that sustain our businesses and enrich our lives.

Main Street Alliance members believe:

  • A thriving economy depends on thriving communities. Strong businesses offer robust value to customers, who in turn value quality service and commitment to community. For us to prosper, our customers must also prosper, which is why strong businesses invest in the communities that sustain us. We know education, infrastructure and equitable development practices are vital necessities.
  • MSA businesses view success as a shared enterprise. We know that employees who benefit from living wages and good working conditions will, in turn, contribute value to the businesses that value them.
  • Good government has a critical role to play in nurturing business and community. It can and should do this through efficient delivery of governmental services.  We believe direct investment, effective incentives and regulatory standards, that sustain independent businesses while encouraging sustainable growth, healthy workplaces and strong family life, are the bedrock of just government.




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