Small Business and Legislator Forum - COVID-19 3.17.20

On March 16th, over 100 businesses came together to discuss COVID-19 with legislators from Lamoille and Washington County. 

Watch a recording of this session here

We will continue to bring you the best information that we can from the state and share your stories and experience with those in the legislature. 

A few resources that are helpful during this time:

As shared in our membership email - Main Street Alliance is working to advocate at a national level on behalf of small businesses. Stories are being collected here at We will have access to all of the stories collected and be sure that our lawmakers have access to all Vermont stories so that your voice is represented in Montpelier.  

The Department of Labor Website with FAQ's related to COVID-19:

The Agency of Commerce and Community Development is asking businesses effected by COVID-19 to share their stories with them at and their website is:

Additionally, as it relates to unemployment insurance. We are hearing that it's is important to just keep calling in order to get through. Once you are able to connect, the support staff is incredibly helpful to walk you through the process. Additionally, we have learned that if you are a business owner and must layoff more than 10 employees during this experience, that you must go through a mass layoff process as outlined here:





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