Statement on Gov. Scott's Veto of H.196

Main Street Alliance of Vermont Statement on Gov. Scott’s veto of H.196
“Main Street Alliance of Vermont represents some of Vermont’s smallest employers, many of whom cannot afford to provide paid family leave on their own. A statewide family leave insurance program would make it possible for all Vermont employers to provide a paid family leave benefit, regardless of their size. 

“Governor Phil Scott’s veto of H.196 is a step away from building stronger small businesses, healthier families, and a better future for our state.

“Small businesses are a vital piece of Vermont's economy. Roughly 90% of our state's businesses have fewer than 20 employees and these are the businesses that are least likely to be able to offer paid medical leave on their own.

“Vermont’s small business owners spend countless hours and dollars interviewing and training employees with the hope that they will become a valuable asset to the business. Many small business owners pay competitive wages and are eager to help their employees learn new skills, but one area where we just cannot compete is benefits. With modest bottom lines, most small businesses aren’t able to provide extended paid parental or caregiving leave. A statewide family leave insurance program is an opportunity for Vermont because it will help level the playing field for small businesses like ours and provide a much needed support for our employees. 

“A statewide family leave insurance program is an effective recruitment and retainment tool for local, small businesses that are struggling to find ways to compete with larger corporations. This is also a great recruitment tool for the state of Vermont, and has the potential to help make Vermont more appealing to the young professionals and businesses we are trying to attract and retain.

“Throughout the governor’s campaign and time in office he expressed a commitment to growing Vermont’s economy, attracting new workers to Vermont, and making workforce development a priority. The governor’s actions today stand in clear defiance to those words and show he is not serious about growing small businesses in the state of Vermont.” 

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